Speaker’s  Organization(TBD)


Plenary Session:Policy Standards, New Materials, New Technology

An Interpretation on the Supporting Policy of  "China - made 2025" High - tech Industrial Investment on Marine  Anticorrosion

Ministry of Industry and Information  Technology of the People’s Republic of China;China Association of Oceanic Engineering

Analysis on the Critical Progresses set by  International Marine Anticorrosion Technology Standards

National Society of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

Global Positioning of Heavy Anti-Corrosion Coating  Technology in China

Zhiyan Consultation

The application environment of anti-corrosion  technology on Marine engineering structure in Chinese market

Chinese Academy of Engineering

Updated interpretation of the latest regulations and  standards of environmental protection coatings

East China University of science and  technology

Roundtable  Discussion 1:

Application Prospects of New Marine  Anticorrosive & Antifouling Coatings

Famous heavy anti-corrosion coatings  enterprises, scientific research institutes and users

Research and Application of Environment-friendly  Marine Anticorrosive and Antifouling Coatings Based on Microbial Corrosion  and Biological Fouling

International famous Heavy anti-corrosion  coatings enterprises

Present situation and the Future development trend of  intelligent spraying technology

International famous Spraying equipment  enterprise

Proposals on the Study of Anti-Corrosion Mechanism  and the Development of Anti-Corrosion Technology under the Typical Marine  Environment in China

University of Science and Technology Beijing

Marine ships anti - Corrosion Testing Equipment and  Risk Assessment

DNV-GL Group

New Protective Materials to Meet the Future Energy  System with Ultra - high Temperature Environment

Luoyang Ship Materials Research Institute

Technical Progress and Application of Protective  Paint for the Leading Edges of High Elastic Wind Power Blades

Well-known enterprises of wind turbine blade coatings

Roundtable  discussion 2: Anticorrosion Technology of the Leading Edges of Wind turbine  blades

Application Environment and Corrosion  Factors of the Leading Edges of Wind turbine blades,

Advances in Film Protection Technology,

Advances in Coating Protection Technology,

Wind Power Users’ Demands and Wind Power  Application issues

Well-known enterprises of wind turbine blade coatings、Supplier、Wind  power plant


Sub-forum 1:Regional Market Trends of Marine Engineering and Marine  Anticorrosion and Antifouling Technology (Reporters are Limited to the  Decision-making Level)

The Development Situation of China's Marine Equipment  Market

Investment Adviser

Economic Benefit Estimation of the Application of  Heavy Anti - corrosion Coatings and Antifouling Coatings

International famous heavy anti-corrosion coatings  enterprises

The prediction of the scale of the recoating  construction market of China's Marine Engineering in 2018-2023

Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection

The market prospect and opportunity of China's  offshore wind power

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Advances in Innovative Technology and Industrial  Application of Graphene Modified Heavy Anti - corrosion Coatings

Key Laboratory of Advanced Marine Materials and  Applied Technology under Chinese Academy of Sciences

The scale of China's high performance marine engineering  steel industry

Iron and Steel Research Institute

Industrialization process of advanced corrosion  monitoring technology represented by intelligent corrosion monitoring system

Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of  Sciences

Sub-forum 2:Clients’ Demands Releasing Session (Reporters are Limited to the  Technical Level)

Anti - corrosion Design and Construction Conditions  of Offshore Wind Farm

Vestas, united power, Sinovel etc.

Problems and Solutions of Heavy Anticorrosive  Coatings in Ship Port Construction

Zhenhua Heavy Industries、Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co., Ltd  etc.

Experience sharing of advanced anticorrosion and  antifouling in port and Bridge Engineering in foreign ports

Indonesia port、Royal Australian Navy  etc.

Corrosion Problems and Research Direction of CHINA  SOUTHERN POWER GRID’s Long-period Project

China Southern Power Grid Co.

Anticorrosion test and demand for coastal nuclear  power plant

Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute (SNPI)、China National Nuclear Corporation

Construction Requirements and R & D Trends of Low  Surface Treatment Coatings for Marine Ships

International famous shipbuilding coatings  enterprises

Container Waterborne Coating and VOC Treatment  Process


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