The connection with the capital side and the road show of scientific research results (the combination of production, learning and Research)

Activity Agenda



Part One


Part Two

Opening Speech

Part Three

Project Road Show 1(Achievements  Transformation Type)

(Ten  minutes limited for project introduction and Q&A per project)

Part Four

Free Exchange

Part Five

Project Road Show 2(Production  Expansion Type)

(Ten minutes limited for project introduction  and Q&A per project)

Part Six

Free Exchange

Project Range

Graphene Modified Heavy Anti - corrosive Coatings

New Resin Technologyfor Marine Antifouling Coatings

Marine NaturalAntifouling Agents Production Technology

Inorganic ceramiccoatings anti - corrosive technology

Infiltrationconsolidation type Marine Anti - corrosive Coatings

Innovative Designfor Cathodic Protection

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