After the high speed railway, China's second business cards, these names should be listed!

When you mention Germany, you think of beer and cars.

When you mention Switzerland, you will think of a watch and a military knife.

When you mention Brazil, you think of football and Samba.


When you mention China, you think of Kung Fu, gourmet food, high speed iron, nuclear power...

China's rail transport equipment has been exported to 101 countries and regions of the world's seven continents, and the world's 83% owned railway countries have used Chinese railway products. Xi greatly once said: "the high iron reflects the manufacturing level of China equipment, in the 'going out', 'Belt and Road Initiative' construction is' popular ', is a beautiful name card".

High speed rail is the first China name card, deserved.

China is the world's largest country in the construction of nuclear power. CNPC has signed cooperation agreements with many countries including Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Jordan and Armenia. After more than 30 years of development, China's nuclear power has been developing from "Introduction" to "going global" stage.

Nuclear power is China's second business card, in its name.

Thirty fame dust and soil, eight thousand miles. The achievements of China's nuclear power today are the inevitable result of many nuclear power units and many nuclear power workers. The Chinese name card of nuclear power, these names should be in the list!

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